'Your True Research Partner' in South Korea

TRC(THE RESEARCH COMPANY) is a full service Korean market research firm in South Korea and it has been providing both quantitative research and qualitative research service in Korea to local and international clients since 2010.
It is always trying to give the best of the best insights and solutions to the clients on South Korean market and consumers.
TRC team consists of research professionals who have had research experiences in a wide-ranging industry from Non-durables, Durables, Service, Healthcare and B2B sector.
Eugene Ha/Head & Chief

Eugene Ha is a managing director at TRC. He has been conducting market research for over 21 years in a wide-ranging industry from Non-durables, Durables, Service, Healthcare and B2B Sector. As an author of the first Marketing research handbook series which consists of 3 books,  he is known as one of the best market researchers in Korea and many marketers and research professionals know his name and reputation.

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Sophie Park/Partner

Sophie is a specialist in qualitative research and she loves her job as a professional moderator and interviewer. She worked for FILA Korea as a communication specialist and for Gallup Korea as a senior researcher. She has had a extensive experience in almost all the industries from Non-durables, Durables, Healthcare, Service and B2B.

Soree Park/Partner

As a major in Advertising and communication, she is very good at customer behavior. Since she joined TRC at its early stage,  she has been conducting numerous quantitative and qualitative market research studies. 

Sandy Lee/Partner

She loves to communicate with people and she is very good at interaction with people. Since she joined TRC at its early stage,  she has been conducting numerous quantitative and qualitative market research studies. She is now a specialist in qualitative research study.

Soo Lee/Partner

As she had lived in other countries for a long time, she is very used to western culture and speaks a good English. She is now in charge of international research and has been conducting many research studies for international clients. 

As a Korean marketing research firm, TRC provides customized research services covering all kinds of research topics and methods.
* Traditional Research 
Quantitative : 1 on 1(CAPI), Telephone(CATI), Online/Mobile survey
Qualitative & Others : FGD, FGI, IDI, Home Visit, Shop Along, Online Community, CLT
* New Research & Analysis
Quantitative : Pre-recruitment based online/mobile survey, RDD based online survey
Qualitative & Others : Online Qualitative, JTBD Interview, UX/UI Measurement/Test
Analysis : Big Data or SNS analysis, Advanced Statistics & Analysis
TRC has been conducting many qualitative research studies as well as quantitative studies for international clients so far. 
TRC is Korean Representative of iris research network and corporate member of ESOMAR 

Korean Representative of iris research network

Corporate Member of ESOMAR

TRC has been working for international clients from US, Europe and Asia since 2010 and we are very pleased to hear that they are happy with quantitative research and qualitative research in Korea.
* Some of International clients 
US : Google, Instagram, KS&R, Tattoo Strategy, Frost & Sullivan, Grail Research  
EU : Northstar Hub, iQube Marketing, Keynetec, Global Perspective, Acacia Avenue,                  Edelman Intelligence, Romir Consulting, , Carol Willey Consulting
Asia : Lion, Sugata Research, AXIS Company, Ashahi Kasei, ORC International
* Testimonial

"We have received a first class service from TRC and especially from Eugene Ha on an important study in the agribusiness sector.  The research involved a range of qual and quant research techniques, all carried out to very high quality. We have much appreciated the positive attitude of the TRC team, attention to detail, time invested in learning the technicalities of topics, accurate translations and high quality results with local interpretation. 

We really could not ask for more!" 

Chris Horne, Managing Director, iQube Marketing Limited (UK based consulting company)

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