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Iris Fall Meeting 2023 in Seoul

We were honored to host Iris Fall Meeting 2023 here in Seoul. 29 members from 19 countries participated in this meeting and shared knowledge and experiences with each other. Human networking and enjoying being together must be a plus to the success of meeting. My colleagues and I really pleased to see and hear that attendees were happy about being in Seoul.

"Thanks for such a wonderful time in Seoul. You raised big expectations and met them all."

- Andy from Japan

"Thank you Eugene! We all love you. You've been an exceptional host and we all noticed the details and how much you care. We appreciate it very very much!"

- Sally from Australia

"Thank you to Eugene for such an amazing hosting. You truly open my eyes for being a perfect host. We have a wonderful experience in Seoul."

- Johnson from Malaysia

"I will add my praise for our host who made sure we all left the meeting with a better understanding of what Korea is about, as well as to all the other participants who made it a stimulating and informative meeting."

- Barry from Canada

"The honor was ours Eugene. Everything was so lovely and full of attention."

- Stephane from France

"Eugene, We love you! Thanks for everything. We had a great Iris meeting (in Seoul)."

- Guido from Mexico

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